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The perfect ring stack does not exist. Stacking rings involves ones own innate creativity or heck just put all your fave rings all over your fingers! That's the beauty of the stacking trend we are seeing so much of right now. From ear stacks to necklace layering to bracelets and rings. Its OK to not know what your doing because there is no right or wrong to this fashion trend. 
Some Ring Stacking Ideas:
1) Stack all your dainties on ONE finger

Image result for one finger ring stack

(photo courtesy misajewelry.com)
2) SPREAD them out.


Dainty Black Stone Platinum Ring by PashJewels
3) Add some MIDIS (aka. knuckle rings)

 Image result for midi ringImage result for midi ring

(photo courtesy stoneandstrand.com) (shopthirdeye.com)left to right
4) Add a PINKIE ring

 Image result for pinky ring

(photo courtesy CarbonandHyde)
5) And even a THUMB ring to create a balanced, edgy look.  

Image result for thumb ring

(photo courtesy Junylie)
But one rule to follow, keep the rings as dainty as possible!


Image result for Madewell Set of 5 Filament Stacking Rings

photo courtesy Madewell 

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such a good idea. I got this ring and i really like it. I like mid size thickness not too thin or thick and this was perfect layering ring.

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