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Jessica Alba
The best accessory to complete that special outfit is an ear climber. Check out the look on Jessica Alba. She has a dangling first hole earring and a sparkling rhinestone ear climber on her second hole. It looks amazing and trendy but classic at the same time. Just look at these shiny iridescent beauties. They will sparkle and cause you to receive many compliments!
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STEP 1 / Locate the tip of the ear climber's long, curved post.
STEP 2 / Thread the post all the way through your piercing, as you would a normal ear hook.
STEP 3 / Position the ear climber up and back and gently wiggle until your earlobe is gripped between the earring's body and the post.
STEP 4 / Gently squeeze between thumb & forefinger so that the climber feels secure, but does not pinch.


This jewelry trend adds a subtle touch of edge to your look without making you commit to multiple piercings in your ear—a win-win!
If your an ear climber newbie you can begin with a simple classic piece like this
Pave Crystal Nesting Seven Stone CZ Ear Climber
Regular price$17.85


Then once you've become addicted to this trend, you can move on to a bolder, edgier ear climber pair like these:
Seven Stone Big Dipper Ear Climber w/ Cuff $24



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