Urban Outfitters Minimal Metal Bun Holder

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Half Pony Knot Bun


What are hair sticks? Another gimmick to sell more hair accessories? An ancient clever way to hold up hair? Well if you guessed the later choice, you are correct. The hair stick accessory has been around forever, the style of the sticks have been updated and the trend that was so popular in the 90's is now making a huge comeback. Hair sticks show up so consistently in various cultures and periods of history. They are most likely the first hair accessory ever invented! They are actually really easy to use and the sticks hold hair up well without leaving those crease marks we all hate so much! They make a lovely accent and when you take them down, you can have pretty loose waves! Just add some texturizer, sea salt beach wave spray (Herbivore Coconut + Sea Salt Beach Wave Mist, $26), gel or hairspray to your bun.
There are many unique hair sticks in the market these days that have an updated modern look. Loving the metal hair accessory trend in Gold, Silver plated finishes. You can create different looks like the Half pony braid, and Half pony knot bun shown above or the loose messy bun shown here:

Messy Low Bun



This look below is the classic low half pony that can easily be achieved with the Gold Round Hair Accessory with Stick $12.25.

Classic Low Half Pony

 So How do we use these hair sticks? Its so easy you can do it in less than five minute. You kind of have to work with the hair accessory and your hair because all hair types are so unique. Spray hair with your choice of product then pull your hair up as you normally would to make a half pony bun and place the round part through the bun so the knot is entirely through the circle hoop. Then push the stick through the middle of the knot. You can also work it  up and under as shown in the image below:
This technique involves weaving your hair through the accessory to create a modern, embellished style that will stay put all day. If you need extra support for fuller hair types or special occasions, add bobby pins.

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