Why are pineapples such a popular trend right now? They are popping up everywhere on prints, fashion, kitchenware, even cushions! Hairpins, trinket boxes, coffee mugs, t-shirts, dishes, wall hooks, phone covers, jewelry and more! Well, its inspirational, eye catching and delicious!
What is the true meaning of pineapples? Pineapples stand for warmth, welcome, hospitality and friendship. Pineapples have an uplifting fruitful aroma that is pleasant, fruity and tropical. It reminds us of resting on the beach and bright happy sunlight. The pineapple wards off stress, anxiety and depression. 
Pineapples and coconuts make excellent housewarming gifts as are symbols of frogs for good luck and even fertility making them good wedding gifts also. 

The sound of the Chinese word for Pineapple is close to the sound of 'good-luck is coming your way', so the pineapple has become a popular Feng shui symbol for wealth, fortune and prosperity.This explains why we see so much of the wide spread pineapple home decor trend everywhere!
Pineapples are also great for your overall health! They provide healing and anti inflammatory benefits to the body, not to mention they taste super sweet and satisfying as a fruit, mixed into smoothies and even grilled!
So sprawl out the pineapples everywhere, in your home, in your salad, on your hair...Have fun :)


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